The Princeton University Class of 1969
Community Service Fund

was established in the belief that community service is essential to the welfare of society and inspired by the rich tradition of Princeton and Princetonians

"in the Nation's Service and in the Service of all Nations."

The main activity of the fund is its Princeton Internships in Civic Service program.  Please visit our sister site, www.princetoninternships.org for more information on our internship program.

The fund was established by and is supported by the Princeton University Class of 1969.  To learn more about the Class' involvement with the Community Service Fund please visit the Class site, www.princeton1969.org .

“Of all your contributions to your alma mater, none has been more widely appreciated that the Class of 1969 Community Service Fund. Since 1996, you have broadened the horizons of more than 400 interns, advanced the civic mission of more than 150 organizations at home and abroad, and drawn alumni from other classes to your cause. For this – and for all you have done for Princeton – you have my deepest thanks."

Shirley M. Tilghman

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"I am sure we PICS interns could have all survived this summer without the mentor program, but I am SO glad that it exists anyway; it makes the whole experience more enriching… It is so wonderful to talk to alumni about anything under the sun and to see what one can do with a Princeton educationnot just professionally, but in fulfilling academic or artistic curiosities all throughout life.”
Intern, Children’s National Medical Center, Washington, DC
“It was helpful to get to know someone with a lot more experience than me in the career world–someone who I knew really cared about the organization where I worked… It reminded me how lucky we were to have such great alumni funding these amazing opportunities for us.”
Intern, Jumpstart, Boston
“My mentor is a great guy with a big heart. You can tell he loves the [PICS] program and looks out for the interns… I feel like I had plenty of support.”
Intern, Legal Action Center, Seattle

“I have met amazing people during my other non-profit internships. However, I don’t think I had ever met anyone as dedicated to going beyond the requirements of a job and making it a mission. My mentor was... an incredible role model for someone who wants to enter the non-profit field.”
Intern, Tennessee Justice Center, Nashville


Since 1996:

We have placed over 600 interns

                        in 565 different internships

                    with 157 organizations

              for which 86 classmates or spouses of classmates have served as mentors or board members.

In addition, we have provided

         seed grants to 6 organizations:

Engineers Without Borders (Princeton Chapter)

Princeton in Africa

Princeton in Asia (Southeast Asia Program)

Princeton in Latin America

Princeton University Class of 1995 Summer Service Fund

Princeton University Summer Journalism Program




Following the Class of 1969’s 25th Reunion, the Board of   Governors of the Class approved using a portion of the Class Memorial Fund to establish the Community Service Fund to support community service activity by Princeton students. Beginning in August 1995 about 15 ‘69ers began the formation of the Fund with three goals:

· Make a contribution to community service globally;
· Stimulate increased community service activity by Princeton students and enhance their education by providing related experiential opportunities; and
· Provide members of the Class with opportunities to become involved with both students and community service organizations.
In the summer of 1996, the Fund sponsored its first internships coinciding with the celebration of the University’s 250th anniversary. The first 13 interns were followed in 1997 by 20 interns. The program grew steadily for a decade. During that time in addition to internships for individual students the Fund provided funding for new programs for Princeton in Asia, as well as support leading to the establishment of Princeton in Latin America and Princeton in Africa. Additionally the Fund provided seed money to the Class of 1995 Summer Service Fund and the Princeton Summer Journalism Program when both were fledgling programs.
In 2006, based on the success of the Fund’s internship program, members of other Princeton classes joined the Board and competing internship programs were absorbed. Internships provided to students increased to 69. To recognize the participation of other alumni classes (notably the Classes of 1970 and 1977), the internship program was re-named Princeton Internships in Civic Service (PICS). Interest from students and organizations continues to grow. In 2010, 65 students drawn from over 400 applicants were placed as interns.  For the summer of 2011 we have a new parternship with the University's Pace Center for Civic Engagement and plan to increase available internships to over 70.


"Having a smart and motivated student in our department allowed us to take on a performance improvement project...Without her work this summer, the project itself would have been delayed. We will use the information she collected to improve the ways in which we evaluate and treat these patients.” 
  Supervisor, Montefiore Medical Center, New York

“The voter registration drive would have been impossible without our intern! We successfully engaged 100 clients and   her innovative approach and creativity led to that successful outcome.”  
        Supervisor, Bread for the City, Washington, DC

“Everything our intern did this summer—from patient activities, working at the foot clinic, and helping the Street Team, to chart reviews and patient interviews—would not have happened without our intern. He did not merely ‘assist’ in completing these projects; it was his responsibility to make sure they happened. Every place you found him or every project he was assigned to required him because there simply were no others who could do it.”  
Supervisor, Boston Healthcare for the Homeless, Boston

“Our intern helped us at a critical time in terms of gathering key information on preschool data and preschool parents. We launched over 80,000 preschool profiles on our site this summer and her research enabled us to do so in a way that best met the needs of preschool parents. There’s no way we could’ve stuck to our timeline and gathered the in-depth insights on the preschool landscape had she not been here.”   
Supervisor, GreatSchools, San Francisco



For more information, please contact:

Jeri Schaefer, Princeton University Class of 1969 Community Service Fund
PO Box 261,
Princeton, NJ  08542